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World Series 2018: Three takeaways from the Red Sox’s Game 1 win over the Dodgers

The Red Sox took home the win Tuesday in Game 1 of the World Seriesas Boston defeated the Dodgers 8-4 at Fenway Park.Andrew Benintendi became just the third Red Sox player to tally four hits in a World Series game. He went 4 for 5 with three runs scored and an RBI.It was Eduardo Nunez, though, who truly sealed the victory with his three-run, pinch-hit homer off of Alex Wood in the bottom of the seventh.Three takeaways from Game 1 of the World SeriesSimple plays are tougher when the games are biggerWhile the Dodgers are back in the World Series for the second year in a row and the Red Sox have a team full of experienced players, there were many moments where that was hard to seeTuesday.Yasiel Puig loves to hustle, but he isoften known for making the wrong baseball play and Game 1 was no exception. In the first inning, Puig tried to catch Mookie Betts at home on aBenintendi single and allowed the Red Sox left fielder to advance to second on his overthrow. Two batters later J.D. Martinez singled up the middle and Benintendi scored, costing the Dodgers a run they shouldn't have allowed.Two innings later,Benintendi tried his hardest to give that run back when he didn't run out a fly ball to left field that dropped in for a hit. That ball bouncedpast Chris Taylor and should have Brian Roberts Jersey resulted in a double. It didn't because Benintendi didn't run the play out and it almost cost Boston a run. Steve Pearce hit into what looked like a double playthat could have ended the inning. Fortunately, Pearce was hustling and he beat the throw and Martinez drove him in with a double in the subsequent at-bat.Where WAR is wrong: J.D. Martinez editionJ.D. Martinez will never have a better WAR in a season than Mookie Betts when the Red Sox center fielder is healthy. It won't happen because WAR favors a player's defensive value, as it honestly should. Betts finished with 10.9 WAR this year while Martinez had a6.4.But honestly, this is a flat-out crime. Martinez gets robbed of WAR because the stat does not calculate one thing he is immensely talented at: making a lineupbetter. Martinez's presence in Boston's lineup this season had quantifiable and unquantifiable effects. On the quantifiable side, with Martinez in the lineup the Red Sox scored 91 more runs this season than last. Martinez split time between batting third and fourth,and while all of the runs can't nece sarily be attributed to him,Boston's No. 3 and No. 4 hitters scored 42 more times and had 55 more RBIs.Now, for the unquantifiable numbers. With Martinez in the lineup two things absolutely happened. 1.Benintendi saw better pitches and therefore got on base more because Martinez was hitting behind him. Benintendi scored 19 more runs this season than last. 2. Xander Bogaerts faced https://www.yankeesedges.com/new-york-yankees/bernie-williams-jersey pitchers in the stretch more often and likely saw more offerings in the zoneas a result. Bogaerts added 15 points to his batting average and drove in 41 more runs this season.That type of impact doesn't show up in WAR, but it's a clear impact Martinez made. Martinez went 2 for 3 with two RBIs, a walk and a run scored in Game 1.Alex Cora has the magic touchThere is no way around it, just about every moveAlex Cora has made this postseason has worked. There are obvious ones to point out, like sticking with David Price for two starts against the Astros when everyone said he shouldn't. All the Red Sox did in both of those game was win.But the le s obvious moves became glaringly clear in the bottom of the seventh inning of Game 1. Rafael Devers had been hitting very well in the game as he went 1 for 2 with an RBI and a walk. He also had performed well against lefties this season hitting .272 on the year. So,when the Dodgers brought in lefty Alex Wood to face the 21-year-old, it wouldn't have been a bad move https://www.yankeesedges.com/new-york-yankees/babe-ruth-jersey to keep him in.But Cora went to Eduardo Nunez, who hit .260 against lefties this season and is a .263 hitter against southpaws in his career. It could have backfired. But, as most things Cora has donethis year, it worked out. Nunez smacked a three-run homer to left field, busting the game wide open.NOON TIME.#WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/IFWyZwsix1 MLB (@MLB) October 24, 2018The Red Sox are now 3 for 8 in pinch-hit appearances this postseason and have reached base in five of 10 plate appearances. Cora can do no wrong.
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Tim Tebow’s baseball workout: What you need to know

Cue the theme from "The Natural," though, OK,maybe "Mi sion: Impo sible" is more appropriate.Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback turned ESPN personality Tim Tebow, 29, https://www.whitesoxedge.com/chicago-white-sox/jeff-keppinger-jersey will work out this week in Southern California for up to two-thirds of MLB teams, in hopes of landing a baseball contract.Here's what you need to know.MORE: Sporting News ranks the MLB managers, 1-30When and where is the workout?Tebow is scheduled to work out Tuesdayat an undisclosed time and place in Los Angeles.Is the workout open to the public?No, but there reportedly is alarge media contingent expected at the workout, so reports should be available and either appropriately cynical or breathle sly fawning.What MLB teams are attending?According to various reports, at least 13 have been mentioned and up to 20 have said they'll attend, ESPN.com reported last week. The 13 teams mentioned by name:Yankees, Marlins, Padres, Indians, Royals, Braves, Phillies, Reds, Rays, Red Sox, Twins, Angels and Dodgers. (Speaking of the Dodgers, Tebow worked out privately for them before 2016 season, ESPN reported, citing an unidentified source.)What exactlywill the workout consist of?These kinds of workouts and, yes, teams do this sort of thing all the time, trying to uncover hidden gems typically include a 60-yard dash or maybe having the prospect run home to first and home to second, to gauge speed, then, as a prospective outfielder, Tebow will catch some flyballs and be asked to throw to bases, to test his arm strength and ( Ron Santo Jersey gulp) accuracy. Finally, he'll hit, and his batting will be in two stages: against typical batting practice pitching (half tothree-quarter speed fastballs only)and then, in a true test, against a pitcher who will be trying to get him out.MORE: What if Tim Tebow's good?So he last played in high school. Was he any good back then?Um, yeah. As a junior,Tebow was an all-state player in Florida (not a bad little state for baseball),hitting .494 and helping Nease High School reach its cla sification'sstate semifinals.OK, so does anyone think he can do it?Opinions are decidedly against.One unidentified scout told the New York Daily News that players who goas little as two years without regular hitting have a hard time recovering theirtheir abilities.It doesn't seem to be one of those skills that comes back after a long layoff, the scout said.However, a former major-league closer who has been working out with Tebow is "impre sed."Yes i was, and he looked even better today!!!#tebow https://t.co/6G0Udk50RK Melky Cabrera Jersey David Aardsma (@TheDA53) August 25, 2016More than one person has called the whole workout thing "silly" or merely a P.R. stunt ("If all that happens from this is Tebow uses this is a tryout to land him on the next 'Dancing With the Stars,'could it be ruled a succe s?" one columnist mused).And, of course, this being baseball, there is plenty of righteous indignation that Tebow has the temerity todabblein the sport. Cue old-school Larry Bowa (via The Boston Globe):"Whoever's idea it is, they don't respect the game of baseball. It's a hard game. You don't come in at age 28 or 29. I'm not saying he's not a good athlete, but this is a hard game and there are a lot of good athletes in pro ball that never get to the big leagues. I don't think it can happen. There are guys 28 or 29 that are getting released every day. How can you take 10 years off and all of the sudden be facing guys throwing 95, guys throwing sliders?"How? Well, like Tuesday.
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WATCH: Rays’ Nick Franklin learns hard lesson after getting too close to teammate’s bat

The Rays were counting onNick Franklin to be their second baseman for all of Wednesday's game against the Padres at second base. He was forced out after one inning, after he was struck in the head with a bat being swungby teammate Kevin Kiermaier.Franklin andKiermaier were warming up in the on-deck circle before the bottom of the first inning at Tropicana Field.Kiermaier windmilled his bat using his right arm, Rod Carew Jersey then switched to his left arm to do the same. He didn't realize Franklin had stepped behind him to grab a bat and, on his initial downswing, he hit Franklin in the head.MORE: Dumbest sports injuries of all timeFortunately for Franklin https://www.twinsedge.com/minnesota-twins/glen-perkins-jersey , he was wearing a helmet, but was still a bit woozy. Franklin stayed in the lineup and drew a leadoff walk, later scoring on Brad Miller's two-out home run, but he did not take the field for the second inning.MORE: Best hitter names of the past 100 yearsThe Rays,with their regular middle-infield starters, shortstop Matt Duffy and second baseman Logan Forsythe, already injured, were forced to scrambletheir https://www.twinsedge.com/minnesota-twins/bert-blyleven-jersey lineup.Catcher Luke Maile came into the game to play first base; Miller moved from first base to shortstop;and Tim Beckham moved from shortstop to second.Franklin's head was about the only thing Kiermaier hit all day. He went 0 for 4 with three strikeouts. The Rays did beat the visiting Padres 2-0, thanks to a strong pitching performance from Chris Archer.
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