Breast Implants augmentation

Breast Implants augmentation

Breast augmentation (also known as a boob job or breast implants)


  • Breast enlargement treatment involves the surgical addition of implants to improve the shape, size, form and/or feel of your breasts..
  • It is a relatively straightforward treatment with a high satisfaction rate
  • Highlighted the necessity for quality, safe treatment.

The Procedure

Your surgeon will discuss your ideal breast size and shape fully during consultation to find the best way to achieve the outcome that suits you. You will talk about the difference between tear-drop and round implants, whether you want the breasts under or over the muscle, and the size that will best suit your frame and expectations. We find that patients’ biggest worry is often finding the correct size so we spend as long you need prior to surgery going over your options and showing you similar before and after photos to ensure your decision is the right one.

During the procedure, your implants will be inserted through a small incision, normally made along the natural crease of your breast. The procedure takes approximately one hour to perform and the length of time you’ll remain after will depend on your individual case.

. Typically implants above the muscle are day cases more frequently than those under, but your surgeon will discuss this fully with you depending on the best option for you and your body.

Advantages of Breast Implants

  • Increase fullness and/or size of breasts
  • Long-lasting (implants typically last in excess of 15 years)
  • Breast asymmetry can be improved if different sizes are used
  • May improve sagging (an additional breast uplift may be needed for considerable sagging)
  • Can help increase lost volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss
  • May help self-confidence


We advise that you take a week off work, but this will vary depending on the nature of your occupation. We suggest you use the week after your procedure to rest, meaning you may have to arrange for childcare or help around the house, depending on your lifestyle.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss your daily activities with you and will advise you on when to gradually introduce them back into your lifestyle.

Alternatives to Breast Implants 

also Breast Fat Transfer; an alternative way to enlarge the breasts without implants or invasive surgery.

Fat Transfer is essentially a 2-in-1 procedure, beginning with removal of fat from other body areas like the thighs, buttocks, abdomen or flanks via minimally-invasive liposuction and then re-using the same, purified fat to enhance and reshape your breasts.

To be suitable for the treatment you will need to have sufficient fat on your body for transfer. However, for the right candidate, a Fat Transfer procedure can be the perfect solution – giving you the chance to reshape areas of your body whilst enlarging your breast size without the need of artificial implants.

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