Diet Programs

Diet Programs



What is it?

Our diet programs are individually personalised and medically supervised programs designed to help you lose weight quickly, safely and permanently, while improving your health and vitality. It is thoroughly researched and scientifically formulated, based on the principles of nutrition, metabolic processes and hormone regulation.

What isn’t it?

It's not a quick-fix diet - it's the resources to change your lifestyle, permanently. it is a nutritionally sound, logical approach to weight loss. Fads, gimmicks and yo-yo diets have no place here! Your program does not count calories, eliminate food groups, or use supplements or stimulants. Rather, we create a healthy, nutritionally balanced and medically approved program individualised to you - empowering you to not only achieve weight loss, but keep it off for life


How does it work?

Each client is assessed with a comprehensive blood test. These results, together with hormone levels, medical history, food allergies, lifestyle considerations and exercise levels are all analysed to formulate an individualised program. Your program is designed to correct your metabolism, stabilise your blood sugar and empower you to achieve permanent weight-loss.

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