Female Breast Reduction

Female  Breast Reduction


If your breasts are causing you health or cosmetic problems, Surgical Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty) might be the best option for you. Overly large breasts are not only a nuisance to some women, but also the cause of physical discomfort, pain, and for some, a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Surgical breast reduction is a popular and effective treatment for large, heavy and sagging breasts.

At our hospital  we offer a minimally invasive fat removal procedure for breast reduction, via our MicroLipo treatment . If you are happy with the shape and position of your breasts but just want to reduce the weight and volume, Microlipo may be an effective options

If, on the other hand, your breasts are heavy and very saggy and you would like to change the shape of your breasts, lift them considerably or reposition your breasts or nipples, a Surgical Breast Reduction (often combined with a Breast Uplift, mastopexy) may be the most suitable procedure for you.

A breast reduction procedure (also known as mammoplasty) is aimed at reducing the overall size, weight and volume of your breasts, and can profoundly improve your self esteem. After breast reduction surgery, you’ll be able to exercise more freely, without having to worry about the extensive support garments you may currently need. You’ll also be able to dress in the fashionable outfits you’ve always wanted, and the pain and discomfort you may have suffered from for years would disappear as a result of smaller, lighter breasts.

The Procedure

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. However the exact duration of your procedure will depend on the size of your breasts and the results you desire. There are a number of techniques your surgeon may use, depending on the size of your breasts and your desired outcome.

Once the procedure is complete, the incisions are closed with stitches and your breasts are wrapped in a special supportive bandage. Fine plastic tubes may be left in each breast for up to 48 hours – these allow blood and fluids to drain into a bag. You will need to stay in hospital for a night or two for monitoring,

Downtime   We recommend that you take 1-2 weeks off work to recovery

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