International Patient Desk

Medical tourism

Medical tourism

What you have to do in order to be admitted to Sinaiclinic Hospital :

1- Send a medical report to the International Patients Desk who will transmit it to a   sinsiclinic Hospital specialist who will determine the treatment or the hospitalisation necessary to your health condition.

2- Based on this information, the International Patients Desk will estimate the care cost.
You will then receive the estimated cost.

3- You confirm this estimated cost to the International Patients Desk and proceed to the   payment. If you have a private insurance or if you have another coverage  which covers the cost of your treatment and /or your hospitalisation, you have - at this stage of the process - to inform the International Patients Desk. They will examine the validity of the document and will inform you of their decision.

4- You will then contact the medical secretary who will inform you of the date on which your treatment and /or your hospitalisation will start.

5- On the appointed day you will register to the Admission Service.


Documents to hand over to Sinaiclinic Hospital :


1- Recent medical report
2- Copy of your passport or I.D.

 Contact e-mail and phone number :



[email protected]
Phone : +2 012 81 9999 43

Postal address


Sinaiclinic Hospital

2B. Banks Street , Hadaba , Sharm Elsheikh ,



Or use our contact form to send your documents :


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