Bills & Insurance

If you check on the back of your insurance card, you will usually find a telephone number and instructions. You should follow these instructions or contact your employer to find out what your insurance carrier covers.

Because some insurance policies may cover only part of your bill, you may wish to contact your employer or insurance carrier in advance to be sure you know what your policy will cover. Most insurers require that you pre-certify your stay prior to your day of surgery/admission. For your convenience, the Hospital will bill your insurance carrier(s) directly.

Your basic room charge includes such things as 24-hour nursing care, meals and housekeeping. Other services you receive, such as X-rays, laboratory tests or medications, will be listed separately on your statement.

SINAI CLINIC’s prearranged discharge program allows you to make arrangements to pay your bill conveniently. Patient Registration representatives complete the necessary forms when you arrive for your services, so that, in most cases, you don’t have to visit the Cashier’s Office at time of discharge.

You should receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier detailing the amount of the bill that is being covered and the amount that is owed by you.

You will receive a statement from the SINAI CLINIC’s billing department for the balance that is due from you. Billing inquiries may be directed to 0693666850.

If paying all or part of your bill poses a real financial hardship, please plan to talk with our Financial Counselor at 0693666853

SINAI CLINIC Community Care Program
SINAI CLINIC was built on the mission of its founder,  to serve anyone with a need and everyone with a consistent level of service. The Community Care Program is available to assist uninsured and/or underinsured members of our community who are willing, but unable to pay in full for their care.

Although not an insurance program and not meant to replace benefits received from employers and government-supported programs, the program allows a person to receive medically necessary and emergency services at no charge or at a reduced charge for a period of time. Guidelines on eligibility and an application can be obtained by calling either the Credit and Charity Care office at 0693666854, Patient Registration at 0693666851

Other Financial Information
If your doctor decides a private room is medically necessary, your insurance carrier may cover the charge. Insurance carriers will not cover the extra charge for a private room if you request it for personal convenience. If you request a private room, you’ll be expected to pay the difference between the private daily rate and the semiprivate daily rate.

Cosmetic Surgery
For cosmetic procedures, please plan to pay charges in full before your admission to the Hospital. For elective procedures, you may be asked to provide a deposit before your stay if your insurance coverage is limited or if you have no coverage at all. Of course, this is not required for treatment of life-threatening illness or injury, or any care that is medically necessary.

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