Patient Safety

All medications you take while you are in the Hospital are prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by the Medical Center Pharmacy and administered by a nurse. Do not bring your medications. However, please be sure to bring a complete list of your current medications, including drug name, strength and how you take them each day (i.e., aspirin 325mg once daily). Be sure to include any herbal products, vitamins, and over-the-counter (non-prescription) medications or treatments.

Special regulations are in effect in areas where patients are receiving oxygen. Personal electrically operated equipment and aerosol products are not permitted in these areas.

Personal Belongings
To keep your personal belongings safe and secure, we recommend that you not bring valuables, jewelry, credit cards or more than $10 cash. The Hospital cannot assume responsibility for these items. We suggest that you have someone take your personal belongings home after you are admitted.

For safety, please do not bring electrical appliances alcoholic beverages, prescription or other drugs, furniture or any flammable materials with you to the Hospital.

Cellular Telephones and Transmitting Devices
The use of cellular telephones and RF transmitting devices is restricted in the Hospital. Evidence indicates that the operation of cellular telephones and radio transmitters in proximity to certain medical equipment may adversely affect the performance of such equipment.

Patients and visitors wishing to use transmitting devices in the Hospital shall restrict their use to public areas such as the cafeteria, lounges, lobby or patios. Patients and visitors shall not use these devices within six feet of a medical device. Patients and visitors shall be informed of this restriction through admission information.

Safety and Security
SINAI CLINIC's Safety and Security Department monitors the entire campus. Officers are available to escort visitors to their cars after regular Medical Center hours upon request.

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