Hospital Policy for Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The mission of the Sinai Clinic Hospital Sharm el sheikh is to provide safe and high-quality care to patients. To achieve this goal, the following policies have been defined

  1. Patient-centered care
    With the greatest concern for our patients, we shall make every effort to provide the safest and most comfortable environment possible for them when receiving medical services regardless of their race, religion, economic and social background.
  2. Shared medical information
    We shall provide patients with health-related information to share medical knowledge so that patients may fully understand their illness and care that they could receive, improve their decision-making processes and control their care.
  3. Hospital-wide patient safety activities
    To improve quality and safety, we shall organize various committees including Quality and Safety Management Committee, Infection Control Committee, Clinical Risk Management Committee, Medication Safety Management Committee, Medical Equipment Safety Management Committee and Quality Review Committee. These functional committees shall cooperate with the Department of Clinical Quality Management, Department of Infection Control and Prevention, patient safety officers and managers in individual wards and departments, and link doctors and link nurses.
  4. Early detection of threats
    We shall report incidents when they are experienced or recognized to detect safety threats and to take prompt actions for risk mitigation.
  5. A Human Factors approach to patient safety
    We shall analyze root causes of incidents or adverse events and implement hospital-wide preventive measures taking into consideration of human factors.
  6. Timely and full disclosure of adverse events
    When things go wrong, we shall make best efforts to treat patients. We shall also fully disclose what happened to patients and their family members in a timely manner.
  7. Distribution of patient safety information
    We shall inform useful information necessary for patient safety and quality of care including alerts, preventive measures and educational findings to the hospital clinicians and administrative personnel through diverse methods at various opportunities.
  8. Provision/Updating of Patient Safety Manual
    We shall prepare and distribute “Patient Safety Manual” to the clinicians and administrative personnel. We shall also review and update it as necessary.

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