Radiology Department


The Department of Radiology and Imaging at Sinaiclinic Hospital offers various diagnostic imaging services to cater to our outpatient clinics, doctors as well as referrals.

The department has highly trained team of dedicated radiologists and technicians, which prides itself on the high quality of its work, rapid and accurate diagnosis, and at the same time, ensuring maximum comfort to all patients.

The department has advanced equipment such as:

Multi slice CT scan

Digital X-Ray


Colored Doppler ultrasound


While every effort is made to accommodate walk-in patients, it is advisable to obtain appointments for more sophisticated examinations as in some cases prior subject preparation may be required.

Leaflets containing detailed instructions are available at the reception counters.

Reports are generated as quickly as feasible, and the radiologists are always available for discussion with the patients, and medical colleagues on specific examinations.

Virtual Bronchoscope




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