The laboratory service in Sinaiclinic Hospital managed by Quality Lab group of medical laboratory ,

One of the most highly qualified lab group in Egypt , managed by professors in clinical laboratory and pathology in the university.

We care about helping patients and physicians. And we use our knowledge of laboratory medicine to help identify the right course of action to achieve better health care outcomes. View our website to learn more.

Lab test information is critical to more than 70% of the medical decisions doctors make about caring for their patients. In communities across Egypt , we provide a full range of diagnostic testing services supported by an extensive Lab to Lab  network , transportation, information technology, and analytical and consultative expertise.Quality lab. laboratory was established since 2005 by Prof. Dr. Yasser A. Zitoun, Mahmoud A. AbdelWahab and Yasser W. Darwish, a group of Ain Shams University Professors and Consultants, based on their traditions of providing quality in laboratory services for both patients and doctors they used the best technology & equipments to become one of the most equipped private laboratories today.

∆ Quality lab. Provides same day results for most of the diagnostic tests.

∆ Quality lab. Coordinates with referring doctors to reach an effective, reliable and fast diagnosis.

Special Units

∆- Bone Marrow aspirate.

∆- Bone Marrow Biopsy (Trephine).

∆- Special Stains

∆- Immunophenotypic analysis by Flowcytometry

∆- Cytogenetics and FISH

∆- (PCR) Polymerase Chain Reaction


A-Z list of laboratory tests

Here's the complete list of the tests we do. Find a test and the department which performs it using the A-Z list.

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