Marriage Laws associated with the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Marriage Laws associated with the Fifty States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

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This table links to the wedding legislation associated with the states and tries to summarize a number of their points that are salient. Those enthusiastic about the wedding legislation of a jurisdiction that is particular review its legislation straight as opposed to count on this summary that may never be completely accurate or complete.

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Statetypical Law Marriagechronilogical age of permission to marryMedical examsMarriage permit
Age with parental permissionAge without parental consentMax. duration between exam and licenseScope of medical examWaiting period before licenseDuration of permit legitimacy (expiration)
Alabama- Title 30, Chapter 1Yes16 a, b18---thirty days
Alaska- Title 25, Chapter 5No16 c18--3 times, da few months
Arizona- Chapter 1, Article 1No16 c (2)18---1 12 months
Arkansas- Title 9, Subtitle 2, § 11No18--f-
California- Family Code, §§ 300-500Nob, g18thirty day period, d, h--ninety days
Colorado- §§ 14-2-105 thru 14-2-110Yes16 c18---thirty days
Connecticut- Title 46b, § 815eNo16 c (2)18-i4 days, d65 days
Delaware- Title 13, Chapter 1No18--twenty four hours, j1 month
Florida- Title 43, Chapter 741No16 a, e18---60 times
Georgia- §§ 19-3-1 thru 19-3-68No gg16 ag e, k18-i3 days, lthirty days
Hawaii- § 572No15 k18------thirty days
Idaho- § 32-301 thru 32-501No gg16 c18-m, n--
Illinois- Chapter 750, CS 5, Part IINo16 o18-pone day60 times
Indiana- Title 31, Article 11No gg17 ag ag e18-q-60 times
Iowa- Chapter 595Yes16 k18--3 times-
Kansas- Chapter 23, Article 1Yes16 c (2)18--3 times, dhalf a year
Kentucky- Chapter 402No18 k18---thirty days
Louisiana- Title IV, Chapter 1 (Civil Code 86)No18 c1810 times---
Maine- Title 19, Chapter 23No16 c18--3 times, d, fninety days
Maryland- §§ 2-201 thru 2-503No16 e, r18--48 hours, dsix months
Massachusetts- Title III, Chapter 207NoMale-14 k Female-12 k183-60 days, s-3 times, f60 times
Michigan- Chapter 551No1618--3 times, d33 days after application
Minnesota- Chapter 517No16 k18--5 days, da few months
Mississippi- Title 93, Chapter 1Nog, kthirty dayst3 days, d-
Missouri- Chapter 451No15 u18---thirty days
Montana- Title 40, Chapter 1Yes16 k18-t-180 times
Nebraska- Chapter 42No1719-i-one year
Nevada- Title 11, Chapter 122No16 c18---12 months
brand brand New Hampshire- Title 43, Chapter 457NoMale- 14 v Female- 13 v18--3 days, d, f3 months
New Jersey- Title 37No16 c, e18--72 hours, d30 times
brand brand New Mexico- Chapter 40, Article 1No16 ag ag e, u1830 timest--
brand brand New York- Domestic Relations (Chapter 14), Articles 1 and 2No16 v18-w24 hours60 times
new york- Chapter 51No16 ag e18----
North Dakota- Chapter 14-03No1618---60 times
Ohio- Title 31, Chapter 3101No ggMale-18 k Female-16 c, ag e18--5 days, d, x60 times
Oklahoma- 43-3No gg16 c, e181 month, dty30 times
Oregon- Title 11-106No17 z18--3 times, d60 days
Pennsylvania- Title 23, Part 1No gg16 u181 montht3 times, d60 days
Rhode Island- Title 15, Chapters 15-1 thru 15-3Yes18-aa-three months
sc- Title 20, Chapter 1Yes16 e18--one day-
Southern Dakota- Title 25, Chapters 1 and 2No16 ag ag ag e18---20 times
Tennessee- Title 36, Chapter 3No16 u18--3 days top asian dating sites, d, bb30 days
Texas- Title 1, Subtitles the and BYes16 k, v18--ccthirty days
Utah- Title 30, Chapter 1Yes16 a18 dd---thirty days
Vermont- Title 15, Chapter 1No16 k18thirty days, dtone day, d-
Virginia- Title 20, Chapter 2No16 a, e18-ee-60 times
Washington- Title 26, Chapter 4No17 u18-ff3 times60 times
West Virginia- Chapter 48, Article 1No18 ag ag e18-t3 times, d-
Wisconsin- Chapter 765 thru 767No1618-letter5 times, d30 days
Wyoming- Title 20, Chapter 1No16 u18-i--
District of Columbia- Division VIII, Title 46, Subtitle 1, Chapter 4Yes16 a181 montht3 days, d-
Puerto RicoNoMale-18 c, e, u Female-16 c, ag ag e, uMale- 21 Female- 21 ag ag e-t--

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  • (a) Parental permission maybe not needed if small once was hitched.
  • (b) Other statutory demands use.
  • (c) more youthful parties may marry with parental permission.
  • (c) (2) Younger parties may marry with parental and consent that is judicial.
  • (d) Waiting period might be prevented
  • ( ag ag e) Younger parties may obtain permit in the event of maternity or birth of son or daughter.
  • (f) Parties must register notice of intention to marry with regional clerk.
  • (g) No age limitations
  • (h) whenever unmarried guy and unmarried girl, maybe maybe not minors, were residing together as guy and spouse, they could, without wellness certification, be married upon issuance of appropriate authorization.
  • (i) Venereal infection and rubella (for feminine)
  • (j) Residents, before termination of twenty-four hour waiting duration; non-residents, before termination of 96 hour period that is waiting.
  • (k) Parental consent and/or permission of judge needed.
  • (l) Unless events are 18 several years of age or maybe more, or feminine is expecting, or applicants would be the moms and dads of the residing child created away from wedlock.
  • (m) Rubella for female; there are specific exceptions, and region judge may waive examination that is medical proof that emergency exists.
  • (letter) candidates must get info on AIDS and certify having read it.
  • (o) Judicial consent can be provided whenever moms and dads will not consent.
  • (p) Venereal conditions; test for sickle cellular anemia offered at demand of examining doctor.
  • (q) Any unsterilized feminine under 50 must submit with application for permit a medical report saying whether she had immunological reaction to rubella, or a written record that the rubella vaccine had been administered on or after her very very first birthday. Judge may by purchase dispense with your requirements.
  • (r) If events are in minimum 16 years old, evidence of age and permission of parties in person are expected. If your parent is sick an affidavit by the incapacitated parent and a doctor's affidavit needed.
  • (s) Doctor's certification should be filed thirty day period prior to see of intention.
  • (t) Venereal conditions. In WV and OK, Circuit court judge might waive requirement
  • (u) Younger parties may get permit in unique circumstances.
  • (v) Below chronilogical age of permission parties require parental permission and authorization of judge, no more youthful than 14 for males and 13 for females.
  • (w) Tests for sickle cellular might be needed.
  • (x) candidates under age 18 must suggest that they will have had wedding guidance.
  • (y) If an individual or both events are underneath the age for wedding without parental consent, three time waiting duration.
  • (z) If an event does not have any parent living within state, and another celebration has residence in state for 6 months, no authorization required.
  • (aa) real assessment and bloodstream test needed; offer of HIV counseling needed.
  • (bb) Unless events are over 18 years old.
  • (cc) 72 hour waiting duration after issuance of permit.
  • (dd) Authorizes counties to offer for premarital guidance as a prerequisite to issuance of permit to people under 18 and people formerly divorced.
  • (ee) needed offer of HIV test, and/or needs to be supplied with information about AIDS and tests available.
  • (ff) No exam needed, but events must register affidavit of non-affiliction with contagious disease that is venereal.
  • (gg) No common-law wedding may be entered into, however these states recognize common legislation marriages which were entered into before these times:
    • Georgia- joined into ahead of 1, 1997 are recognized january,
    • Idaho- joined into just before 1, 1997 are recognized january,
    • Indiana- joined into just before January 1, 1958 are recognized,
    • Ohio- entered into just before October 10, 1991 are recognized,
    • Oklahoma - entered into just before November 1, 1998 are recognized, current situation unclear,
    • Pennsylvania- entered into just before September 17, 2003 (see PNC Bank Corp. v. W.C.A. B., 831 A.2d 1269 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2003) or even January 1, 2005 (see 2004 home Bill No. 2719) are recognized.
  • (hh) minimal age for common-law wedding determined to be 12; legislature instituted minimum chronilogical age of 18 for marriages started on or after September 1, 2006

Supply: located in component on a chart into the World Almanac and Book of Facts, World Almanac Books, 1999. Entries have already been updated through analysis the statutes and links included to allow consultation that is direct of state statutes.

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