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The benefits of dental crowns are evident and clear: you look, feel and chew better with them. With dental crowns you prevent the appearance of additional dental health problems in the future, such as the weakening of your teeth (no brainer, if you have fewer teeth, the remaining ones work more!) or their displacement.

Our clinic recommends and uses porcelain crowns on its patients' teeth. This because porcelain is more resistant and durable than previous dental crown technologies. The cost of porcelain crowns has gone decreased over the last few years, making them a solid investment in your beauty and health which will last for decades.

We work with two kinds of porcelain dental crowns:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore damaged teeth. They are prepared to mimic the shape, size and color of your surrounding teeth. You can use a crown on a cracked tooth with deep cavities or for a variety of other reasons, such as to protect teeth that have undergone root canal treatment; to provide extra support for bridges; or to cover poorly shaped or colored teeth.

Dental crowns may be made of metal, porcelain, or other porcelain-fused restorative materials. They are custom-made and fitted for each patient according to the size and length of the natural teeth being treated. Crowns typically last five to eight years, but can last much longer with proper oral hygiene.

Dental Bridges

A bridge stabilizes the bite of a patient who is missing one or more teeth. Dental bridges prevent the surrounding teeth from moving or shifting in the mouth. A missing tooth that is not replaced may cause surrounding teeth to become unstable and require removal, or make the teeth harder to clean, compromising oral health... or change the shape of a face and diminish the beauty of a smile.

Unlike partial dentures, bridges are permanent; patients cannot remove them.

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Porcelain Crowns Costa RicaPorcelain Dental Crowns Costa Rica

Dental Crowns

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