Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient of Sinai Clinic Hospital, you have rights when you choose us to be your care provider. It is important for you to understand what your rights are so we can work together to provide the best care possible for you. Your rights include access to health information, fair treatment and freedom of choice concerning your medical decisions.

Your patient rights are to:

  • have your questions answered so you understand your condition and treatments.
  • participate in decisions about your care.
  • give informed consent to treatments.
  • know who your care providers are.
  • participate in end-of-life decisions.

Our staff are committed to supporting and upholding your rights to considerate and compassionate care, including safeguarding your confidentiality, personal dignity and safety, and respecting your cultural, psychological and spiritual values.

Understanding and accepting your rights and responsibilities (including those of your family and visitors) strengthens the partnership between you and your care team, and supports better health outcomes for you.

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