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Our quick and professional online dating service helped hundreds of single Western men to get the Russian bride of the fantasies. A number of our former clients are happily married and reside together with their soul mates in various countries of the world. Free female albums.

For your convenience we have split our free female albums into 6 galleries:

1. Please be patient enough to search through the full album, as it contains a fantastic number of amazing Russian girls and live girls on cam on all the pages.

2. Latest Additions gallery - the ladies whose profiles have only been added.

3. Top 1000 - the most beautiful ladies of our service.

4. Vitebsk Branch Gallery comprises Russian women from our division in Vitebsk(Belarus). You will find that there the profiles of this charming single ladies living in the hometown of the famous artist Mark Chagal.

5. Ladies' birthdays album revealing the profiles of those ladies whose birthdays are the week. This gallery provides you an opportunity to show the Russian girl of your dreams just how much you take care of her. Surprise The One having a wonderful present or even a bouquet of flowers on her birthday! It is also a very romantic way to begin correspondence.

6. Free addresses - the gallery where you can view profiles of charming girls who received no or only a few letters. They are very nice and sincere russian girls who only got lost in our big album. Nevertheless they are still looking for union, but were taken to the middle of our album. That's the reason why we give their contact information for free. The only condition is you have to be registered as our client and invested some cash with us before. Then you will have the ability to retrieve one address daily FREE OF CHARGE.

7. Personal Search engine. Search ladies by era, ID, application date, livelihood and lots of other features!

8. How to purchase addresses. Buy more addresses of Russian ladies for less!

We charge 155 only for 120 addresses, which might help save you $295 -$1045 per year, which makes it a wonderful deal. In addition to this, we give you a $30 charge for your mail forwarding account to begin writing to our Russian ladies straight away! Our Services.

1. Price list - costs for the services we supply.

2. Mail forwarding and translation service - organizing your mail orders, sending letters to some of those Russian free russian dating sites girls of our service seeking men, the help of our accredited translators, samples of letters.

3. Correspondence tips A piece of advice on how to make your correspondence with a woman for marriage .

4. Gifts and flowers delivery. Here you will find application forms for ordering flowers, floral baskets, perfumes and other presents. If you would like to send your Russian woman something special, which is not on our list, please feel free to contact us for additional discussion.

5. Your romantic excursion - information on arranging a romantic excursion (25 addresses for free, visa support, accommodation, dates etc.), photographs of our apartments. Your personal tour is a great chance to meet many single Russian women in person and to locate your bride one of them. It is the best way to find your real love, your lifetime partner and your next half. Simply read the comments of those customers who have already visited Minsk (Belarus) on personal tour and you will see it is definitely worth trying!

6. English lessons Order English courses for the lady!

7. Telephone calling service - use our Conference Call Service and talk to the Russian girl with the support of an experienced interpreter.

8. Newspaper Ad Place your ad in the local paper (about 25000 copies)

1. Inquiry support We will speak to the Russian woman you've decided on and inform you if she's willing to correspond.

2. Gentlemen's catalogue Place your ad in our free catalog and get characters out of Russian beauties!

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