About our hospital

About our hospital


  • Sharm el-Sheikh is the heart of South Sinai and Sinai Clinic Hospital is a major provider for health care and services for the local as well as the visiting guest community. It is easily reachable on one of the most accessible streets in Hadaba,Bank Street, and our Emergency Department receives cases throughout the 24 hours.
  • Our philosophy is based on providing quality medical services, matching international standards in a warm and friendly, family like environment. We know that any patient feels vulnerable and is in need of a supporting and helping hand.
  • Sinai Clinic Hospital utilizes a state-of-the-art clinical information sharing system intelligently integrating all departments in our facility, so our physicians have direct access to all the patient information they need at their finger tips. Radiology and laboratory distribute their results and reports to the treating physicians as soon as they are generated and they could be shared with colleagues abroad if the patient requests that. We focus on reaching an accurate diagnosis and providing the proper treatment.
  • We study the needs of the area and evaluate the medical service in our region and develop our facility accordingly. Our consultants, specialists and employees are carefully chosen to uphold the highest standards we aim at.
  • We gained over the years an excellent reputation and more important, your trust and with your support, we hope to continue to thrive and serve you.
  1. Be treated with respect.
  2. Be given facts about your care.
  3. Ask those who take care of you to tell you their name, what they are going to do to take care of you.
  4. Get information you need to make choices about your care.
  5. Refuse treatment if the law allows it.
  6. Receive your care in private. ( your records will also be private )
  7. Be given a reason if we transfer you to another hospital.
  8. Have your bills explained to you.
  9. make a complaint and receive a response .
  10. Be asked about your pain and receive the appropriate pain relief treatments.
  11. Have access to space and equipment for a private telephone conversation, if desired .
  1. Providing information. The patient and family are responsible for providing accurate and complete information. This information includes present complaints; past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, previous surgeries, allergies, noticed risks in care, unforeseen changes in patient’s condition and other matters relating to the patient’s health.
  2. Asking questions. The patient and family are responsible for asking questions when they do not understand what they have been told about their care.
  3. Following instructions. The patient and family are responsible for following the care, service, or treatment plan developed. They should express any concerns they have about their ability to follow and comply with the proposed plan or course of treatment.
  4. Accepting results. The patient and family are responsible for the outcomes if they do not follow the care, service or treatment plan.
  5. Following Medical Center rules and regulations. The patient and family are responsible for following the Medical Center’s rules and regulations concerning patient care and conduct.
  6. Showing respect and thoughtfulness. Patients and families are responsible for being thoughtful of the Medical Center’s personnel and property.
  7. Meeting financial commitments. The patient and family are responsible for promptly meeting any financial commitment agreed to with the Medical Center.

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