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El Bonouk Street UMM EL SID HILL EG, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate

At SinaiClinic Hospital, our goal is
to provide high-quality health care to all patients in a friendly and professional manner. We strive to provide comprehensive and effective care to patients by employing a highly trained and qualified medical team equipped with the latest medical technology. We work tirelessly to achieve patient satisfaction and meet their medical and health requirements with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.


Providing comprehensive health care: Our team at sinaiClinic hospital is looking forward to providing comprehensive healthcare to all patients


Working with the latest medical methods: We focus on providing medical care using the latest technologies and medical methods to achieve better patient outcomes and improve their lives


Flexibility in dealing: We realize that each patient goes through a unique experience, his hobbies, health and psychological state are unlike anyone else


Overall vision: Our team at sinaiclinic relies on modern medical knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare from diagnosis to treatment


Strong focus on quality: The mission of sinaiclinic hospital is to provide health services of the highest quality, and this requires us to work accurately and safely in accordance with the best  practices and internationally followed health standards


In order to meet the diverse medical needs of patients, sinaiclinic provides some important departments that ensure the provision of the necessary health care according to world standards


The department consists of a medical team specializing in medical, surgical and nursing emergencies, and works to provide emergency medical care to patients around the clock


The catheter unit is characterized by the availability of the latest devices for conducting diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization of the heart and blood vessels using balloons, nets and stents using the latest scientific methods


This department includes a medical team trained in critical care of patients and of their health conditions


The dental department is an integrated Center for oral health care. The department provides comprehensive services characterized by advanced technology to ensure the best healthcare for patients


It is a special section for the care and treatment of children and infants, including the examination of growth and development and the treatment of common diseases affecting children


This department provides medical and nursing support for new mothers and babies, as the team consists of specialists specializing in the field of childbirth and maternity care


This department includes a team of highly experienced surgeons in various surgical operations, large and small, focusing on providing the necessary support and care to patients


The department includes a team of experienced and highly qualified doctors and nurses, who work to provide appropriate health care for each patient individually and comprehensively


The department is characterized by providing specialized medical services to rehabilitate patients and improve their health and quality of life. The department uses the latest medical technologies and modern devices to provide adequate and effective physiotherapy to patients.


It provides them with diagnostic and examination services using the latest medical technologies and modern devices in the field of Radiology, which helps to identify any abnormalities or health problems in patients and determine the appropriate treatment for them. The department has an excellently trained specialized medical team


The department has a large selection of modern equipment and specialized laboratories. This department is staffed by a team of specialized examination and analysis doctors who analyze various samples taken from patients with high accuracy and professionalism


The department is distinguished by its modern and advanced equipment that helps to carry out surgical operations efficiently and professionally, under the supervision of a specialized and qualified medical team of doctors and nurses


Sinaiclinic is characterized by high-quality services and many features that make it one of the leading hospitals in the Middle East


SinaiClinic is proud to provide integrated health services around the clock, which makes it the right place to get the necessary health care at any time


If you want to book an appointment to visit the clinic, you can do it easily through online booking, where you can access the electronic booking system and choose the right appointment for you


SinaiClinic has a team of experienced and highly qualified doctors, as well as a team of nurses and hospital staff who treat all patients kindly and professionally


SinaiClinic provides the latest technologies and medical devices to ensure the best health care for patients, and the clinic also provides the necessary medical equipment to conduct all the necessary examinations and tests

SinaiClinic  HOSPITAL


Which provides specialized medical services to patients in the fields of surgery, dentistry, skin care, and psychiatry

2010: SinaiClinic WAS FOUNDED

Establishment of the hospital: the history of the establishment of SinaiClinic hospital dates back to the year 8/2010

The hospital has turned into a specialized medical institution that provides high-quality medical services in various fields, including general and plastic surgery, dentistry, skin care


On 3/2017, SinaiClinic hospital attended the medical tourism conference


I recently had knee surgery done at the clinic, The Doctors and nursing staff were excellent. The front house admin staff made the process work smoothly . Thank you to the whole team .


Very quick reaction. The hospital car arrived just 15 min after the call to the insurance company. Really profesdional doctors. Doctors explain every procedure and every step. The stuff at the reception helps quickly and effectively. English and Russian speaking. Recommend 100%

need help?

SinaiClinic hospital provides high-quality healthcare services to patients. And if you have any query or question, you can leave it here and the specialists at the hospital will answer you with all the detail and attention. Leave your question here and be sure that it will be answered to the fullest



You can get acquainted with our latest news and the latest medical events by following the SinaiClinic hospital’s own group on social media. This collection includes many publications and articles with reports on successful surgeries, modern treatments, new medical developments and mare You can also get relevant information about our working hours, medical consultations and clinics through this group, join us now to receive the latest updates and important news

Anton Zheltyshev
Anton Zheltyshev
Отличная клиника! Прихватило с зубной болью, обратился, устранили))) машину прислали и так же увезли обратно. Есть переводчик при больнице, что очень хорошо. Доктор просто молодец, спасибо ей!
Emanuela Mariani
Emanuela Mariani
Purtroppo appena arrivata a Sharm sono caduta riportando frattura scomposta multipla dell'omero.Alla Sinai Clinic mi hanno fatto accertamenti radiografici approfonditi e hanno subito programmato l'intervento per il giorno dopo.Tutto lo staff è stato gentilissimo, umano e professionale.Una nota particolare per Mr.Ahmed Samy che mi ha permesso di avere il Wi-Fi e comunicare con i miei cari e si è occupato dell'assicurazione e dei trasferimenti da/per il resort per mio marito. Un ringraziamento al Dr.Mahmoud Tawfik che mi ha operato magistralmente e all'anestesia che ha saputo fare in modo che non sentissi nessun dolore al risveglio e nei giorni successivi. Ancora un grazie alle infermiere e a tutti i medici che mi hanno assistito.Dopo un solo giorno dall'intervento ero finalmente al resort a continuare la vacanza!Anche al mio ritorno in Italia i medici che mi stanno seguendo per i controlli e la riabilitazione hanno apprezzato il lavoro svolto.
Yasser Abdullah
Yasser Abdullah
عملت عملية رباط صليبي في مستشفي سيناكلينك والحقيقة المستشفي كويسه جدا والدكاتره ماشاء الله ربنا يباركلهم شاطرين جدا ومحترمين 🙏
Kelly Walmsley
Kelly Walmsley
I had a very bad experience in Cairo with an emergency spinal operation. I came to Sinai Clinic and not for the first time. The surgeons are outstanding Dr Tawfik and Dr Sakr. They are fantastic and were in constant communication pre op and post op and finally my back is fixed properly. All the staff are amazing, Nagla and Amira were great. Mr Ahmed Samy from Public Relations is great and followed up regularly even after I left the hospital. Hamada at the cafe is so kind and helpful. All the staff are amazing but I can’t remember all of the names. Reception all of them so welcoming and smiling. It’s like arriving to a hotel as a repeat guest. Thank you to all of you, the team and service is well above the other hospitals in Sharm el Sheikh. Even the Top Management check in on you to see if all is ok. Thank you all so much 🙏🏻
Caroline Samir
Caroline Samir
مستشفي سيناكلينك مستشفي كويسة جدا وراقيه من حيث النظافة والتعامل مع كل المواظفين من اول عامل النظافة لمدير المستشفي سعيدة جدا بتجربتي مستشفي معروفة زي دي
Rana Hassan
Rana Hassan
حابه اتكلم عن تجربتي في مستشفي سيناكلينك الحقيقة المستشفي نظيفة جدا والاطباء وطاقم العمل كامل حقيقي متعاونين جدا وكانوا معايا خطوه بخطوه في رحله العلاج حابه اشكر كل طاقم العمل وحقيقي سعيده بتجربتي في في مكان متميز زي مستشفي سيناكلينك وارشحه لاي حد متواجد في شرم الشيخ
alexa meneghini
alexa meneghini
We had a very good experience with my father
Ingrit Talvist
Ingrit Talvist
Ainult parimat saab öelda. Meid koheldi äärmise hoitusega, kirurg asjatundlik, suhtlemine ladus inglise keel, sõbralik ja igati oma ala tundev proff. Muu personal samuti meeldiv, toetav.
Майя Т
Майя Т
Очень хорошая клиника. Отличный персонал. Обращались по страховке. К сожалению во время отдыха произошел страховой случай, перелом плеча. В клинике быстро произвели забор всех анализов, эхо сердца, КТ, рентген, консультация травматолога и анестезиолога. В этот же день вечером была сделана операция. Оперировал доктор Махмуд. Очень помогла переводчик Алла! Ответы на любые вопросы, общение с врачом, анестезиологом, страховой компанией, персоналом, всё осуществлялось через неё. Всегда была рядом, очень старалась всё объяснить и поддержать! Выражаю огромную благодарность всему персоналу клиники, особенно доктору Махмуду и переводчику Алле за оказанную помощь!
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