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El Bonouk Street UMM EL SID HILL EG, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate

The children’s department at Sinaiclinic  Medical Hospital is considered one of the most prominent departments specialized in caring for children’s health in Egypt, which is characterized by many advantages that meet the diverse needs of children and parents،

Below we will review the most important services provided by the department, which make it a favorite destination for many patients

The team of doctors, nurses and medical assistants in the children’s department consists of the best cadres trained at the highest level in healthcare, who work diligently and attentively to provide excellent health care for children.

The children’s Department of Sinaiclinic  hospital relies on modern medical equipment and modern technology to check the health of children, and quickly diagnose the diseases they suffer from.

The department has specialized departments for newborn care, advanced postpartum care that meet the special needs of children at the initial stage of their life.

The department provides day care services for children who need treatment and observation without the need for a hospital stay, where they are followed up and the necessary services are provided in an appropriate and friendly atmosphere.

The children’s department at Sinaiclinic hospital has an integrated Center for the treatment of communicable and Infectious Diseases, which makes it a convenient place to treat children suffering from diseases such as bacterial infections, malaria, measles, yellow fever, and other common pediatric diseases.

The department provides health counseling programs and tips for parents and guardians on how to take care of children and provide the necessary care for them at home, in order to achieve the best results in the long term.

The children’s department at Sinaiclinic  hospital works around the clock, where services are provided at any time that emergency situations require, in order to provide the necessary health care to children at any time and wherever there is danger.

The children’s department at Sinaiclinic hospital is an ideal place to meet the needs of children and parents who are looking for the best health services and distinctive care, and the department is always ready with its specialized team and modern services to provide the highest level of medical and health care.

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