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El Bonouk Street UMM EL SID HILL EG, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate
SinaiClinc hospital is one of the specialized and accredited hospitals in Egypt, which provides high-quality healthcare services to local and international patients. Patients can get the required treatment, rest and safety in Pleasant and comfortable spaces, thanks to a qualified medical team and excellent services, which makes it an ideal option for health care

The hospital has a team of doctors, surgeons and nurses who have a high level of experience, skill and training, the ability to deal with emergency situations and critical patients.

Sinaclinic hospital is characterized by providing high-quality healthcare to patients, where a specialized and qualified medical team provides modern medical equipment and advanced therapeutic techniques to ensure the necessary care for patients


The hospital provides a variety of specialized services including accident and emergency, surgery, anesthesia, endoscopy, physiotherapy, as well as comprehensive care in all medical specialties.


The hospital has modern facilities equipped with the latest medical technologies, such as modern operating rooms, waiting rooms, special rooms, and advanced medical equipment.


Sinaiclinic hospital has extensive experience in caring for international patients, providing translation, international manual drive and accommodation facilities for patients who want to stay for a long time.


High-quality pharmaceutical preparations and medical materials are supplied at the hospital and provided at affordable prices.


The hospital aims to provide optimal comfort and care for patients, as private rooms, entertainment facilities such as TV, free internet, leisure activities and others are provided.


The hospital is located in a central and easily accessible location, where a shuttle and return service is provided to and from the airport and area hotels to facilitate the arrival of patients to the hospital.


Some of the photos of the medical team” nursing” with patients


The mission of the hospital

is to provide high-quality medical care to all patients by:

  • Focus on providing excellent service to patients
  • Equipping Sinaiclinic hospital with the latest medical technologies
  • It is staffed by highly trained specialized doctors

The most important priorities of Sinaiclinic hospital :

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