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El Bonouk Street UMM EL SID HILL EG, Sharm Al Shiekh, South Sinai Governorate

The Laboratory Department of the Sinaiclinic  hospital is one of the basic components that helps to establish the correct diagnosis of patients. It is a department characterized by efficiency and advanced technology that helps in conducting analyzes with high accuracy and efficiency. In this article, we will show you some important information about the Laboratory Department of Sinaiclinic  hospital:

The laboratory department at Sinaiclinic  hospital is equipped with the latest advanced technologies that help determine the correct diagnosis, which is an important part of the correct and effective treatment of patients.

The team of the laboratory department at SinaClinic Hospital consists of the best and most skilled doctors and technicians fully trained in the use of modern technologies and devices intended for work in this field, where the team works professionally and professionally to achieve the highest quality in medical services.

The laboratory department at Sinaiclinic hospital covers various tests that include early detection of diseases, blood and urine tests, bacterial cultures, viruses, studying the side effects of drugs, detecting genetic diseases, spinal slice, thyroid examination, bacterial infections, audiovisual examination, and other tests and analyzes that patients need.

The laboratory department at Sinaiclinic hospital is distinguished by the excellent service it provides to patients, which is characterized by friendliness and practicality to provide comfort and optimal assistance to patients and also to the relatives of patients.

Sinaiclinic cares about the interest of its patients and maintaining their medical privacy always, as the best ethical practices are applied in all analyzes and tests, confidentiality and privacy remain the same as any private medical information, and it is not disclosed to any entity or individual as long as there is no explicit consent from the patient

In short, the Laboratory Department of Sinaiclinic  hospital is an important place for establishing the correct diagnosis of patients and providing the required medical care, it has excellent service, qualified medical team, modern technologies and a lot of various tests and analyzes, all this helps to provide patients with high-quality medical services.

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