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Department of physiotherapy at Sinaiclinic hospital ” 5 features to check out!

If you are in need of integrated physiotherapy in the Middle East, Sinaiclinic hospital is the perfect choice for you. There is a specialized department in physiotherapy in addition to an elite team of physiotherapy experts trained in the latest techniques and methods. Here are 5 main features of the physiotherapy department at Sinaiclinic hospital

Sinaiclinic hospital has specialized teams of doctors and physiotherapists who provide a comprehensive package of medical services in the following areas: physiotherapy, manual therapy, occupational therapy, mental health, and nutrition.

Research suggests that group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy in some cases. Group therapy sessions are provided at Sinaiclinic hospital to enhance therapy and communication between physiotherapy patients

The physiotherapy department of Sinaiclinic hospital takes personal care of patients, a treatment plan is created for each patient according to the state of Health and individual needs.

The treatment techniques used at Sinaiclinic hospital include modern techniques, electrical neurostimulation, pressure point therapy, biophysical techniques and therapeutic massage

An integrated wellness and fitness center is provided at Sinaiclinic hospital to keep the patient’s body and soul in good shape. The facilities in this center, such as swimming pools and a fitness club, provide a comfortable and healthy environment for patients and families.

The physiotherapy department at Sinaiclinic hospital is the perfect solution to meet your physiotherapy needs and achieve faster recovery. Do not hesitate to contact the hospital today to book an appointment with the expert team in physiotherapy

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